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Echowave Media specialises in creating out of the box narratives and exceptional technology that delivers captivating content for different platforms.


We understand the great importance of a brand's story to inspire and engage, thus, our mission is to empower and lead meaningful conversations to make your story dynamic.


Driven by an outstanding team of highly qualified professionals, Echowave is redefining the media landscape by helping our clients capture audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Our Services

Social Media

Social media is beyond posts and stories, it is more about the platforms to be used to highlight the kind of content that is valuable to your brand. It is to tell the campaign's story and connect to the audience.
Echowave supports companies who are struggling with the right approach for the platforms and We offer various services and support to help enhance the company's social media strategies.

Content Creation

Content is always crucial because depending on the type of content, it will make or break the campaign and the story. Echowave is very particular with the type of content to be showcased on every platform.
Each content varies from one platform to another because no two content should be the same. Therefore, we help determine the audience, the demographics and we conceptualise the most appropriate content that will convey a strong message and deliver an impressive result.
We collaborate with the client to define their content marketing objectives, target audience personas, and key messaging themes. Developing a comprehensive content strategy that outlines content types, distribution channels, and editorial calendar to guide content creation efforts.

Digital Ads

Utilising digital advertising presents a potent avenue for businesses, regardless of scale, to broaden their audience, attract fresh clientele, and enhance revenue streams. However, success hinges on adept navigation. Each advertising network boasts distinct advantages, necessitating strategic alignment for optimal returns. Simplifying the intricate realm of digital advertising, we strategize on key channels and provide guidance on leveraging potential to propel business growth.
We can work closely with the client to define clear goals, target audiences, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for their digital marketing efforts. Developing a tailored digital strategy that encompasses various channels and tactics to achieve the desired objectives.

Media Buying

Media buying constitutes a crucial step within paid marketing endeavours. Its objective lies in pinpointing and procuring advertising slots on channels pertinent to the intended audience, ideally at the most opportune moments and for the most economical rates. This process extends across both conventional marketing platforms such as television, radio, and print, as well as digital avenues like websites, social media, and streaming services. When executed proficiently, media buyers secure optimal visibility within their target demographic while minimising expenditure.
We conduct in-depth research to identify the target audience and understand their demographics, behaviours, and preferences. This information helps inform media buying decisions and ensures that advertising efforts are directed towards the most relevant and receptive audience segments.

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Andreas Jenkins

Echowave has been extremely helpful and supportive with all the projects that we have given them specially the ads and campaigns. They have played a significant role managing all those which helped the team to have a better grasp about the type of audience and gain more leads.

Head of Digital Team, E-commerce

Lea Jean Thomas

The company has demonstrated a deep understanding of our business objectives and target audience. The strategies implemented were highly tailored, maximising our reach and engagement within the digital landscape. So happy to be working with such an awesome team.

Marketing Manager